The recent past is a lie.

Desperate measures have to be taken to secure what remains. Not all is as it seems.

This is an Amber Campaign set after the end of the Merlin Chronicles.

All the usual cast of characters are present.


After the Patternfall war the forces of Amber under King Random set up a proxy regime in the Courts of Chaos, under Despil, and withdraw to Amber.
It became obvious to Corwin that Oberon in his attempt to repair the Pattern had failed and that only the memory effect of Corwins own Pattern is holding things together.
Realizing that Amber is a memory, Corwin and Merlin hatch a desperate plan to secure the stability of the many worlds and free themselves from the onus of rule.

Part 1 We all fall down.

Part 2 Deja Vu

Novus Ordo Seclorum