The Tree that Girdles the World.

“hung on that windy tree for nine nights wounded by my own spear.
I hung to that tree, and no one knows where it is rooted.
None gave me food. None gave me drink. Into the abyss I stared
until I spied the runes. I seized them up, and, howling, fell.”

Ghostwheel, the Dialogues

The living place that encircles the equator of shadow. Each branch links to a different realm and its main trunk is without begining or end, yet somehow possesses five separate bases and one apex reputedly holding the nest of the Pheonix.

Home of the Ardhu the people sheltered by the tree.

Often wanderers find their way onto the Tree where they promptly become lost. The Ardhu will accept many of these into their tribe.


Novus Ordo Seclorum Penhallon