The Powers

Shadow Mastery – The Path of the Penumbral Shadows

Shadow Mastery

This is the power used in the Courts of Chaos to forge Ways and isolate shadow regions. It is drawn from the Logrus without the Shadow master having negotiated it.

Requires Logrus Exposure 10 points
Sense Shadow Boundaries – Essentially an enhanced form of shadowpathing.
Create Shadow Rip – Tear open a temporary hole between two adjacent shadows. Pattern influence determines the amount of time before the rip closes.
Partition Shadow Boundaries – Stitching chunks of shadow together and forming Ways.

Enhanced Shadow Mastery

Requires Logrus Exposure +5 points
Create Rift way – Create a Shadow Rip through multiple shadows based on Psyche and Stamina.
Raise Chaos Shield – Fills self with swirling colors of the Logrus. This protects from lesser powers.
Manifest Chaos Shield – Surrounds self with swirling colors of the Logrus. This protects from lesser powers. Size and strength based on Psyche and Stamina.
Create Manifestation of Shadow – Form a duplicate and project it out along shadow paths to perform as an avatar of the self. Invoker is entranced while doing this

The Dark Path – Sensitivity to the Tides of the Pit

The user has embraced the nihilistic forces of the Pit of Chaos

Requires the user to have Shapeshifting and to have been a Pit Diver and survived. 10 points
The user is occasionally required to replenish their stores of Entropy at the edge of the Pit. Putting a burden upon their Shapeshifting ability.

Initiate of the Dark Path.

Drain / Distort Magic – The Entropy within causes magic effects to bleed away or become seriously distorted in proximity to the user. This effect is constant.

Adept of the Dark Path

Manifest the Dark well – By focusing the Entropy within themselves, usually into the hands, the practioner can shut down standing magical effects or short circuit magical devices.
Personal Darkness – Surrounding themselves with their personal Entropy substances near them are subject to the corrosive forces of the Pit. Metals rust and stones crumble, shadow dwellers age and die.

Personal Science – The Path of Genius

Sorcery systems
Sacred Geometry / Feng Shui

Chaos Magic – Sensitivity to Chaos

Send Dark Thread
Evoke Dark Passage
Evoke Triumphal Arch
Manifest Herald

Path of the Weir

Only possessed by the members of the Weirmonken. 10 points
The Way of Madness – Usually triggered by a physical trial this releases their ancient Chaos bloodline and gives them access to this lesser form of Shapeshifting. Grants the wolf form. Enhance healing and immunity to shadow weapons.
Rareblooded +5 points
An atavistic throwback to ancient times,the Weir is able to shift to a more substantial form.

Royal Pattern Powers

Project the Pattern

King Random is able to project his vision of the of the Pattern before himself. Contact with this projection can canserious injury or death to a lord of chaos.

Shadow Lockdown

King Random can exert himself to bar shadow travel into or out of the realm he is in, considerable psyche is needed to overcome this effect.

The Powers

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