The Otherworlds


These are the names given to the various forms of shadow by the Ardhu.

Ghost Worlds – Worlds lacking in fundamental substance. These are the great mass of shadows that belong to no realm possess no primal qualities and have never been visited by a bearer of the Greater Powers.

Demon Worlds – Worlds close enough to chaos to be infested with demons either randomly or with a purpose.

Godworlds – Worlds inhabited by a being of exceptional local powers.

Demigodworlds – Worlds inhabited by a being of great local powers.

Hellworlds – Worlds with extreme conditions or lifeforms.

Dreamworlds – Worlds subject to abitrary changes of form or conditions. Usually a sign that chaos or a remnant of the black road is near.

Madworlds – Realms subject to bizarre and unpredictable shifts. A sure sign you are near the pit.

Chiworlds – Realms with vast reserves of chi. Usually a primordial realm rich in plant and animal life.

Deadworlds – Realms with have exhausted their natural Chi reserves. Spent and barren possessing only the most primative or parasitic lifeform. These realms by their very nature are moving towards the pit of chaos to be consumed.

Underworlds – A realm of lesser reality. Powers function at a enhanced level in the enviroment.

Overworlds – A realm of heightened reality. Powers function at a reduced level in the enviroment.

Beastworlds – A realm of intelligent or semi intelligent beasts or aliens.

Manworlds – One of the normal range of human inhabited realms.

Feyworlds – Worlds with inherent local magic and beings skilled in its use.

The Otherworlds

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