Personal Science and Changes to Sorcery

Sorcery as described in the rules is but one of the many personalised ways that enterprising geniuses have found to bend the world to their will.

Will and Desire are the operative words. To bend the stuff of Shadow a Psyche of Chaos rank or better is required.

Each master of a personal science comes to their understanding through personal researches that lead them to an understanding of the world that allows them to shape it. The exact method requires discussion with the GM.


Egyptian Pyramidology
10 points
Using the secret ratios the Eye of Wadjet and solar and astrological alignment the priests of Egypt can direct the construction of Pyramids that draw astrological Chi down to Egypt to control the flooding of the Nile an the Fertility of the Land. At nighttime Psychically sensitive people can see the accumulation of chi flowing down from the sky and down the ridges of the pyramids to revitalize the Chi of Egypt. A byproduct of this is that the interior of the Pyramids are shielded from Chi. This makes them suitable repositories for cursed objects or things requiring protection from divination etc.

Doctor Frankensteins Galvanic Science
10 points
By careful use of surgical technique and a deep understanding of Galvanometry he is able to animate corpses etc. Further expermentation ( if the torches and pitchforks don’t get him ) may include life extension and augmentation ( in a steam punky way ).

Prior to the creation of the Pattern, Trump Artistry was Dworkin’s Personal Science.
With it he used the 3d Pattern in the Jewel of Judgement to inscribe the Pattern. The embodiment of the 2d Pattern lifted Trump Artistry up into the realm of a lesser Power.

Personal Science and Changes to Sorcery

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