Found by Nova while travelling in Shadow on a frozen and dying world this last survivor was a shapeshifter. Having spent so much time trying to eke out and existance, most of his higher cognitive functions had suffered.

After rescue him from a slow cold death he spent some time recovering. From what he recalls he has survived at least two ice ages numerous collapses of civilisation and at least one nuclear style holocaust. While he has memories of fathering children none of them has ever shown shapeshifting abilities. Until being rescued he also had no recollections of other shifters. Although he does remember something akin to an immortal vampire that tried to steal his powers.

He possesses so many memories that he is unable to consiously recall many of them without some situational prompting. Many of his shapeshifting abilities have become so reflexive over time that he will often allow his body to auto shift into an appropriate response.

He has passing loyalty to Nova even marrying into the Ardhu.


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