Realising that Oberon did indeed fail at Patternfall Corwin, Merlin and Ghostwheel hit upon a desperate plan to secure the stability of all that is. While freeing themselves from the burden of rule.

They agreed that they should unite their powers to create a new order in shadow. Ghostwheel by simulating the power of Chaos and the future, and Corwins Pattern providing the power of Order and the past.

In order to unite these two forces a member of each bloodline – both Amber and Chaos was required.
Ghostwheel sought through shadow and finds Khephren a descendant of a scion of Chaos and Nova a descendant of an Amberite.

Khephren of Egypt the Most Ancient, the son of the Pharoah and his sister/wife,supposedly bears the bloodline of Chaos.

While, Nova, wife of the Chieftain of the Ardhu bears the blood of Amber.

Each of them is enticed by Corwin to forge the Mandala. Nova to the dark part and [Khephren] the light.

This forms a bulwark against the fading power of Ambers Pattern against the Logrus.
Corwins faction plays a dangeroug game to distract the Logrus and its forces while they plot to bring down the Logrus in a fashion similar to the destruction of the Pattern.

As it stands the Mandala grants to each of its creators the powers of their respective halves.
Nova draws upon the dark half of the Mandala gaining powers as a Logrus Initiate. While Khephren gains the powers of a Pattern Adept.

Dark Mandala Adept 50 points
Powers equal to Logrus Initiate
Sense Bloodline – Through a Mandala lens the initiate can see true bloodines as a coloured aural line flowing between descendant and ancestor. This power was discovered by Nova while attending a ball held in her honour at the Courts of Chaos.

Bright Mandala
Powers equal to a Initiate of the Pattern
Aural Pulse – When exposed to raw Pattern or Logrus energy the Mandala flares up within the initiate with the contrasting power, breaking or repelling the other manifestation.

Just as the Pattern has the Unicorn and the Logrus Has the Serpent, the Mandala possesses two spiritual creatures the Pheonix and the Wolf.


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