When the creation of the Mandala was sensed in Chaos prophecies of a threat to Chaos greater than Amber were pronouced and heeded. Chaos lords sought in vain for the source of this threat.
Eventually Siobhan, Magister of House Mandricard realised that the Logrus probes that were being used could not penetrate the defences of this new threat.
Convincing the other members of the Anti-Amber faction of the danger, he mustered vast reservoirs of carefully hoarded Chi and forged a spell that would send a taskforce of chaos princes on a possibly one way mission to confrount and hopefully destroy the new menace.

Ipuwer was one of these princes. Forced by the death of his older family members during the patternfall war. He was maneuvered into volunteering just to survive in the Courts.

Sent with a small team of disposable princes he was thrust on an enormous jetstream of Chi into the unknown.

The magical bolt powered by a cabal of Chaos sorcerors had enough force to breach the nascent powers of the newly forming Mandala, shattering the pefect Firmament surrounding Egypt the most Ancient. Falling stars were reported as five surviving princes of Chaos and Shards of the Firmament landed in and around Egypt.

While recovering he watched the fruitless attempts of his fellows to bring down the Pharoah. So he withdrew into the Libyan desert and gathered his resources as best he could.

When he felt the Pharoah reaching out to discover him he retaliated with his most concentrated and devious attack. In a series of attacks, counter attacks and feints within feints every move he made was turned or defeated by the mighty Pharoah. Exhausted and seriously wounded, knowing that there was nope hope in fulfilling his mission or even returning to Chaos, he threw himself onto his enemies mercy and after dislosing his story he was granted clemancy to leave the land of Egypt and return to Chaos as a message bearer.

His interest in the Pharoah caused him to pass the message back to Chaos while remaining in the most Ancient Realm. He shapeshifted into a local form and passed himself off as a priest of one of the lesser deities in the capital, an maneuvered himself into position as the head of the Pharoahs daily affairs. During an assassination attempt on the Pharoahs life he revealed himself saving the Pharoah. Expressing his desire to remain in Egypt the Pharoah was magnanimous in promoting him to the position of Chancellor.

While retaining his powers and skills he has become fascinated with the nature of cause and effect. Turning his interest to the sciences as understood in Egypt.


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