Factions of Chaos

Factions of Chaos

The Genarchy

This faction controls an extended set of links through shadow and control of the realms therein through selling secrets of dark powers and the services of demons to the sorceror lords of the Penumbral Shadows. Much of the network is maintained by various stakeholders with ascension to the cartel board a much sought after goal.

Scions of the Storm

Supposedly a house born out of the maelstrom of a shadow storm, the Scions are the major aerial power of the courts understanding that there is more to flying than magically heaving yourself into the sky. The Patternfall war honed their skills greatly and they are endeavouring to exploit other non magical skills to enrich their house.

The younger nobles form decadent aristocratic Flying Squads to raid deep into shadow.


Having purged themselves of their flesh and much of their individuality, these unfleshed mind controllers, who ride within their hosts shadows (sic),embrace the all consuming hunger of chaos.


Bio Boosted Mutant Forces

This is the only Chaos group that increases its numbers through adoption from the Penumbral Shadows.
Applicants must agree to be implanted with one or more Shape Shifting Nodes.
Each node appears as a fist sized Green Glowing ball that moves around painfully within the hosts body.
The properties of these nodes are such that when confronted with a lethal effect or attack the host can release a node to shapeshift his flesh.
This has resulted in decapitated bodies growing a new savage bestial head or members developing strange resistances.
More experienced members are given extra nodes with some of the great captains bearing five or more.

Captain Moreyephin of the Ryophage

Factions of Chaos

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