Corwins Remeberance

Brand was right.

It was impossible to repair the Pattern.
Corwins Pattern was founded upon his memory of the Amber Pattern, creating an highly realistic simulation of the original. This held the worlds together till a point was reached where this fabrication was beginning to be discovered.

Corwins Pattern embodies the powers of memory.

Corwins Pattern Imprint

(50) points
This gives the bearer the same powers as the original Pattern and then some.

Memory shortcuts

By accessing memories of places been the initiate of Corwins Pattern can find shortcuts in Shadow unavailable to normal Pattern users. This obviously increases with greater age (ie. more memories).

Raising the Dead

The dead reside in memory and may rise up and seek to return. Corwin stands guard against them walking out of his powers area and into shadow.

The Table of Remembrance

This table sits within Corwin’s War Chamber in Memory Avalon it is watched over by the Muse Mnemosyne, the saved recollection of Deirdre. In the center of the table is a stylized representation of Corwin’s Pattern. A seat at the table entitles the recipient to participate in the Reverie.
The reverie is a state of being that is shielded from the other powers and is recalled as a waking dream. Corwin is able to draw the members into the reverie and speak to them, imparting knowledge and even physical objects to them. No objective time seems to pass in this state. Returning from the Reverie the participant remembers the meeting as having happened in the past.

This has created situations where the Pharoah has had a Reverie experience only to return to find that Corwin had placed something in his pocket in the past that he needed at the moment of his return. The equivalent power of the dark half of the Mandala is a type of intense Deja Vu.

Corwins Remeberance

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